3 New Artists on Display.

Here at the Brick Oven on 35th we like to support local artists as much as we can. Currently there are 3 new artists on display with everything from photos, pencil on wood and paintings, quite a few different selections of mediums to check out. Feel free to come on down and grab some food and drink and see the works from these new artists. Click the read more link are below to see some examples of the current artists at the Brick Oven on 35th.

First we have the work of Sheri Mays:

guy-in-glasses at italian restuarant

Painting of guy in sunglasses

Painting of brick waitress. She serves pizza!

Next we have the work of Josh House:

suit levetating balls drawing
Girl blowing bubble


drawing of cats on wood

Last but not least we have the work of Gia Marie:

Photo of cross

Photo of old store

Photo of old chevy truck

Photo planter